Theories And Theories Of Development And Developmental Psychology

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From recognizing objects, to understanding abstract thoughts, and to growing physically, psychologically, and emotionally are equally important aspects of what is characterized as development. Development is a major aspect of a person’s life. It would be hard to characterize a person as a human being if they have not developed and grown. Development and developmental psychology is studying a person’s origins of thinking, language, math skills, and studying how an individual matures with internal and external factors. When discussing development there are many characteristics, which evolve over time. There are many important developmental psychologists you have created theories and developed studies to study how humans develop. One of the most famous developmental psychologists is Jean Piaget. Piaget created a theory that all human being go through four distinct stages of development, sensorimotor, preoperational, concrete operational, and formal operational. These four stages successful demonstrate how human beings’ knowledge and thought processes grow and develop over the course of infancy to adulthood. Jean Piaget was a psychologist from Sweden, who study how individual grown and develop over the course of one’s life. Piaget was focused on how children respond to their environment. “Piaget saw the child as constantly creating and re-creating his own model of reality, achieving mental growth by integrating simpler concepts into higher-level concepts at each stage”.…

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