Essay about Theories And Theories Of Delinquency

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Many people wonder why people commit the crimes they do. What pushes them to the point where they decide to act toward delinquent behavior? Well “In 1967, two noted sociologists, Travis Hirschi and Hanan Selvin, observed that theories of delinquency suggest a “sequence of steps through which a person moves from law abiding behavior to delinquency.” Criminological theories try to identify and describe the key causal factors that make up this “sequence of steps” leading to delinquent behavior. In doing so, theories of delinquency emphasize certain factors as being causally important and then describe how these factors are interrelated in producing delinquent behavior. Stated simply that a theory is an explanation (study of jd).”

These theories of delinquency are based on two main parts know as concepts and propositions. A concept is defined as it takes important factors and isolates and organizes them with the world. A proposition is defined as it tells how concepts are related. “Some propositions imply a positive linear relationship in which the “concepts increase or decrease together in a relatively straight-line fashion.” For example, some theories offer the proposition that the number of delinquent friends is positively related to delinquent behavior: as the number of delinquent friends increases, so does the likelihood of delinquency (study of jd).” If we did not have these two main parts such as concepts and propositions we could not develop…

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