Essay on Theories And Theories Of Criminology

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This essay will be an extension to the short answer question that will compare and discuss, two theories within criminology, these are Classicism and positivism. Starting it with a brief introduction to each school of thought with the theories and their theorist. Throughout to discussions about what are their key differences are to the end conclusion.
Positivist and classicism approach to the theory of criminology were both very powerful in their definition and approach with how to deal with crime and criminal punishment. These two theories are rather different, however they contain similarities, such as bout of them influence criminal system, share same idea that criminal behaviour could be controlled or that they both focus on punishment as well as to identify the causes of the crime. To understand how they combine and differ on certain elements brief explanation is needed.
Classical theory was developed in 18th century and is based on the theory about people having free-will in order to what decisions they make, as well as that punishment can stop the crime if it is being carried out at the appointed time, as well if the punishment is appropriate to the proportion of the crime committed. Classical School mainly focus on the crime itself. Classical theory argued that people are pleasure seekers, and that they are rational creatures. Classical school of criminology explain that humans act on their own selfishness, and they can judge and then adjust more appropriate…

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