Theoretical Perspectives On The Death Penalty Information Center

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In the United States it still remains a source of a controversial public debate over the death penalty issues. The Death Penalty Information Center is a non-profit organization that focuses on spreading all around the world reports and studies associated to the death penalty by itself and others, to the news media and general public. The Center was founded in 1990 and is primarily focused on the application of capital punishment in the United States. The Center does not take an official position on the death penalty, but is in actuality an anti-death penalty organization. There are so many theoretical perspectives on The Death Penalty Information Center. In my perspective I see debates like the philosophical debate, the Christian perspective, race and the death …show more content…
If the death penalty can be shown not to deter people from committing murder, or if less draconian punishments deter with equal effectiveness, then, from a utilitarian perspective, the death penalty is not justifiable. The Christian perspective has received substantive analysis in recent years. In general, this perspective reflects the New Testament philosophy that Christ 's message was one of grace, salvation, and forgiveness. Accordingly, these works explain the historical changes in the Christian perspective (Christian churches have not always been as opposed to the death penalty as they currently are, although even now not all Christian churches stand opposed) as well as the reasons why the death penalty is inconsistent with Christianity. “Race,” as has been often noted, is one of America 's greatest problems. Vestiges of slavery and problems of race continue to haunt and confound Americans, but they are magnified by a criminal justice system that may exacerbate that racist history. And these problems swell to an incomprehensible magnitude in a system that utilizes a death penalty. For example, if there remains

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