Theoretical Framework For Nursing Practice Essay

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Theoretical Framework For Nursing Practice
Unit 1 – Introduction to Theory
Learning Activities
1. According to Chinn & Jacobs, there are several meanings of nursing theories as shown below (Meleis, 2007):
1.1 Theory base on structuration – according to Anthony Giddens, the social structure and its relationship with one another forms a theory when a certain action or ideas are reproduced or repeated such as culture, traditions, religion, morality, learning forms a theory or a social structure (Craib, 2011). This structure theory can be replaced or ignored if another theory is proven worthy of adoption such as conversion of religion, changes in learning tools from books to computer or changes in nursing leadership etc,.
1.2 Theory base on goals-setting – based on the theory of motivation of Kurt Lewin, to free, move and refreeze is an attempt to change as analyzed by Dr. Edwin Locke during the 1960’s. This is the conscious aim or desire of a person or organization to form a theory to gain something that can highly increase the level of their performance until they become highly motivated to reach it (Locke, E.A., & Latham, G.P., 2006).
1.3 Theory based on tentativeness – the source of theory in nursing is not what it is, but what will become makes a difference. For instance, among the non-immigrant or minorities a theory is formed according to the outcome of care and not according to a perceived care, such as, most of the minorities are resistant, is not true until…

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