Essay on Theology Proper

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Theology in itself is the study of God and we need to study all of the other aspects because inside of the other ones is revelation that helps us to understand who God is but this is the study the Father God Himself, His attributes and the ways in which He has revealed himself to the believer.

The study of God Himself is imperative to the Christian life, who He is and how He has revealed Himself to those that He has created. If He has seen fit to reveal parts of Himself to us then it is our privilege and responsibility to learn as much as we are able to about who He is and what He can and is doing for us as we live this new life in Him.

It is impossible and in my opinion an unfortunate waste of the Christians time to attempt to
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The computer that this paper is typed out on did not just appear from randomness but was produced by a company with people who have the mental capacity to understand all of its workings. Second, the teleological argument points to an intelligent cause. The painting must have been painted by an artist with greater artistic capability than the painting exhibits, and the computer was designed and engineered by a designer who has the intelligence to be able to come up with the ways in which it works together so flawlessly. Third, the anthropological argument points to a personal cause, that which creates something that has personhood must have that quality themselves. As great and talented as computer designers have become they have been unable to design a mind that can think for itself, it must have information imputed into or it simply sits there. Finally the fourth argument is the ontological argument which states that since humans have a concept of a perfect being that it must exist because if He did not then He would not be perfect (Barackman, 2006, 40-41). None of these prove the existence of God but merely point to the logical explanation that saved believers have come to. The belief in the God who has created life and identifies with it must be taken on faith.

God has revealed Himself in two different ways that build off of one another and speak to His creation. General revelation points to

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