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Prof. Seahulester The Field Study
America is a nation known by most as a nation of opportunity and freedom. America promised in the Declaration of Independence that all people should have equal rights and opportunities. A controversial issue exists in the American work field, about racial issues affecting workers’ pay, position and freedom. Whether people are paid based on race and not by performance is speculative. Nations of prominent stature like America should not let racism in jobs occur. America, one of the most happily diverse nations in the world must put an end to the existence of racism in the workplace. I would like to visit businesses and examine the activity of the workers, to conclude if
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The bosses save billions by letting schools, hospitals, and housing for black, Latin, Asian and other workers deteriorate. (“Smash racism with communist revolution”)
Smash racism states statistical factors that whites are more successful in the work field than minority groups, a condition which backs up my thesis statement and demonstrates a need to perform a field study.
It is evident that the necessity of a field study does exist, even though initiative to end racism in the workplace was taken in 1935.The labor union became aware of racial discrimination in the workplace, and tried to put an end to the problem by implementing the National relations act, to introduce “affirmative action” to society. 0. The term “affirmative action” first appeared in the 1935 National Labor Relations Act intended to prevent discrimination against union members. Under the Act, employers were compelled to cease discriminatory actions against union members and to take affirmative action to restore the victims of discrimination to the positions they would have held if not for illegal discrimination (Douglas). A person’s lifestyle is in jeopardy when he/she cannot obtain or keep a job only because of their skin color.

Americans deserve to have employee equality in order for employees and employers to be both equally happy. I project that the companies will hesitate to allow me to conduct field study at their businesses. They will fear I will report them to

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