Essay on Theodore Roosevelt 's Views On Women 's Rights

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Theodore Roosevelt was first president of the 20th century and he set America on the path of being a superpower and made America the modern country it is today and changed the way we looked at the world and our place in it. He was a child born into privilege but championed the modern working class man which included women. While at Harvard, Roosevelt wrote his senior thesis on women’s rights. In 1883 Roosevelt was in the New York state legislature when he was summoned home by his family. By the time he returned home; his mother had died, and later that same day, his wife died. The double tragedy devastated Roosevelt. Burdened by grief, he abandoned politics and at the end of 1884, he left his soft life in New York for the Dakota Territories, where he lived as a rancher and worked as a sheriff (Grubin & Ward, 1996). He learned that hard work was not something to fear. All of these things shaped him into the man that would become one of the greatest presidents and supporter of the Women’s Rights.
When he 's a senior at Harvard, he writes a thesis in which he advocates equal rights for women. Then when he 's in the New York State Assembly, he introduces a bill for corporal punishment for wife beaters. "Much can be done by law towards putting women on a footing of complete and entire equal rights with man - including the right to vote, the right to hold and use property, and the right to enter any profession she desires on the same terms as the man."..."Women should have free…

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