Theodore Roosevelt: An American Inspiration

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Theodore Roosevelt: An American Inspiration
Born on October 27, 1858, in New York City, Theodore Roosevelt proved to be one amazing person. Throughout his life, Theodore was faced with numerous challenges, but he never let them stop him from achieving his goals. Instead of dwelling on them, he worked around the troubles and became one of the most popular U.S. presidents in history. Although Theodore Roosevelt is most known for his presidency, he’s accomplished numerous feats. His accomplishments are what make him truly extraordinary in American history. From attending Harvard, to fighting in battle, to becoming the President of the United States, Theodore Roosevelt was an especially significant person.
Theodore wasn’t always destined to be
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During the marriage, Roosevelt ran for the New York State Assembly and he was reelected twice (National Park Service 1). Meanwhile, Alice was pregnant with a baby girl. When Alice was giving birth, Theodore was in an assembly. He also got word at the same time that his mother was desperately ill and Alice wasn’t doing well. “He raced home that night to find his mother dying of typhoid fever and his wife dying of kidney disease” (National Park Service 1). Their baby girl was born on February 12, 1884. Two days later, on Valentine’s day, Theodore’s mother died. Twelve hours later, on the same day, Alice passed away. Theodore named his new daughter Alice. Theodore Roosevelt endured great tragedy all at once but he never gave …show more content…
However, on September 6, 1902, McKinley was shot and assassinated in Buffalo, New York. On the fourteenth, Roosevelt became the new president. Roosevelt was sure that his main priority was to help the people. “His "Square Deal" domestic program reflected the progressive call to reform the American workplace, initiating welfare legislation and government regulation of industry” (Miller Center 1). Also, due to his time in the Dakotas, Theodore believed in conservation and set aside hundreds of millions of acres of wildlife that would become the county’s state and national parks. “He also issued his "corollary" to the Monroe Doctrine, which established the United States as the "policeman" of the Western Hemisphere” (Miller Center 1). In response to his wishes, the United States built the Panama Canal and solved some international disputes of other countries. Almost all Americans loved Roosevelt. If they didn’t, they respected him. He served two terms until 1909 and people wanted him to serve a third, but he refused. As President of the United States, he made sure businesses didn’t become monopolies and he provided safety guidelines for factories and businesses that could be contaminated. He transformed America for the better and got the country back on its feet, a truly great accomplishment. Unfortunately, Roosevelt died from a heart attack in his

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