Theodore Bundy Stages

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Theodore Robert Bundy (1946-1989) was an American serial killer who was responsible for the kidnap, rape and murder of at least 30 female victims over seven states in the 1970’s. He was put to death by means of the electric chair in Florida on January 24th 1989.
Bundy was perceived as handsome and charming, traits that he abused in order to gain the trust of his young victims. He would usually approach his victims in broad daylight simulating injury or impersonating a figure of authority. Later assaulting them at secluded locations where he raped and murdered them, sometimes revisiting the crime scene to engage acts of necrophilia. He decapitated some of the victims, keeping their heads as some form
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At a crucial stage in Bundy’s life – the phallic stage, he was moved from the home and the familiarity of his grandfather. He was unable to experience the ‘Oedipus complex’, leaving his superego unable to embody morality. If a pattern of regression persists, a narcissistic tendency can show itself. Bundy derives pleasure and gratification by habitually stimulating himself. He seems emotionless and instead of releasing libido energy with a loving partner he self satisfies his sexual desires. A narcissist indulges in a fantasy world where masturbation and sexual fantasies are the starting point for obsessive sexual tendencies. Defence mechanisms also explain this behaviour - perhaps displacement. When urges are repressed, a penchant to displace them to another source is common. Bundy displaced his sexual frustration onto his victims. This intolerable urge vents itself in a way that is acceptable to his ego and superego. The ego is what gives balance to the id and the superego – the id being the unconscious sexual

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