The Bachelor Reality TV Program Analysis

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“Sizzling chemistry, jealousy, heartbreak and the unmistakeable early signs of love – and that is just in the first episode. The Bachelor Australia is back and it is bigger than ever.”(Network Ten, 2014)- more like sizzling script, hyped emotions, emphasised heartbreak and forced signs of lust for money. The Bachelor is a romance based reality television program intended on giving single people the chance to find love- or more commonly, some mild celebrity. Reality television programs based on romance have been around since 1965 when The Dating Game first debuted (IMDb, 2011), but only really leaped in popularity in 2002 with the first season of the Bachelor. I chose to dissect the concept of ‘reality’ when it comes to the television show The …show more content…
This supports Theodor Adorno’s cultural view on how the consumption of the easy pleasures of popular culture, is manipulating society into passivity, ultimately making people docile and lazy. In "Culture Industry: Enlightenment as Mass Deception" Adorno stresses the fact that culture industry uses an assembly-line mentality when generating cultural products such as songs, movies and television programs. This is highly visible in the recycled formulas for the plots of films and television shows splayed across our screens, which allows them to be effortlessly digested by audiences (Adorno and Bernstein, 2001). Adorno’s statement that “The power of the culture industry 's ideology is such that conformity has replaced consciousness” (Adorno and Rabinbach, 1975) can be related back to television in how the programs broadcasted don’t require any intelligence or input which ultimately dumbs us

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