Free Paradise Lost Essays: An Analysis Of Milton's Theodicy

The Peace and Joy of Trials:
An Analysis of Milton’s Theodicy in Paradise Lost
Milton’s theodicy is an example of the most simplistic explanation for the question of why bad things happen when there is an all-powerful and all-loving God in existence, governing and determining our lives. Paradise Lost is the book Milton wrote to portray his beliefs concerning this question of justifying the ways of God to men. The answer to this question, at least for John Milton, revolves around the events in the Garden of Eden, concerning the two infamous and yet highly regarded individuals, Adam and Eve. In answering the question many atheists and skeptics pose to Christians, why do evil things happen if there is a God who loves us unconditionally and is capable of making things right, Milton takes his readers back to the Tree of Knowledge
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One must choose the Lord, and this is why God gave us free will; what meaning is there in loving someone you are inherently in love with? This is basically Milton’s explanation for the reason God gave humans free will. The only question is, why become a Christian if bad things will still happen? This statement is a testimony to the fact that humans are hard-wired to think only of themselves. Moreover, once someone has accepted Christ as their savior, they are able to glorify God in all they do or go through, even the bad things. Sin entered the world at the fall, this is undoubtedly agreed upon, but to maintain an understanding of why sin remained in the world after a Savior, Jesus, was sent to save us from those sins is what Milton is missing in Paradise Lost. This question is critical in understanding what it means to be a Christian, glorifying Christ in all your actions. This idea will be further explored in consideration of bad things happening in the world within the following

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