Essay on Theodicy And Why Does Evil Exist

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Theodicy and Why Does Evil exist in the world?

Theodicy is defined as the vindication of divine goodness and providence in view of the existence of evil. So why does evil exist? Unfortunately, evil is present throughout the world. Many people wonder why bad things happen to good people. As long as there has been good in the world it has quickly been shadowed by evil. Many people have speculated on why God lets evil exist. In this paper, I hope to touch on some meanings on the reason for evil. God has given all humans a free destiny. I believe we all have the right to succeed from wherever we come from. I do understand that some people’s misfortunes play a big part in their lives. So what causes people to do evil things? There are many factors in a person’s life that can cause them to be evil, anything from mental health, up-bringing, or certain life experiences they have faced. For example, there was a recent shooting in Washington State. A young man walked into a mall and shot and killed 5 innocent people at random. As of now there is still no motive for his actions. Throughout the duration of this investigation, investigators have found that this young man has faced multiple mental problems since birth. It ranges from being abused as a child to seeing his mother beaten, these are just a few factors that have caused him to struggle with mental health in his short 20 years of life this far. They found him to have been in and out of mental institutions throughout his…

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