Theodicy And Why Does Evil Exist

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Theodicy and Why Does Evil exist in the world?

Theodicy is defined as the vindication of divine goodness and providence in view of the existence of evil. So why does evil exist? Unfortunately, evil is present throughout the world. Many people wonder why bad things happen to good people. As long as there has been good in the world it has quickly been shadowed by evil. Many people have speculated on why God lets evil exist. In this paper, I hope to touch on some meanings on the reason for evil. God has given all humans a free destiny. I believe we all have the right to succeed from wherever we come from. I do understand that some people’s misfortunes play a big part in their lives. So what causes people to do evil things? There are many
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So many variations of religions and thoughts. Evil can also vary from one religious belief to another. Some religions such as Mormonism believe that your body is a temple and one should not consume caffeinated drinks. While Catholics agree that your body is a temple and should be respected but they do not apply these rules regarding caffeine etc. Does this make Catholics evil to Mormons? It’s all relative. My personal belief regarding evil in the world is more in committing sin and turning away from God. Since the beginning of our creation we are born with sin. Sin to me is the choice to accept wrong doing and turning away from God. “Both the moral and the mental inadequacy of men can be traced to the general fact that in the evolution of the individual and in the race we have to process of growth from the lowliest beginnings.” (John C. Bennett). All men have their own mental capability to do the right thing, but in turn they have the same capability to strictly be evil. If we never expand our mental horizon we can never achieve our max potential. We have to constantly work on our spiritual growth in order to combat evil and fight off temptations in our everyday life. As we are ever evolving so is evil it is constantly trying to keep up with us. If we work on our spiritual wellness we can learn how to deal with such issues. We all have the capability to be better than we were yesterday and the ability to …show more content…
However I know that in my personal life I can help encourage those around me and my children to look past all the evil and negativity that exists. As I mentioned earlier evil is always working to keep up with us as we grow because negativity exists weather we like it or not. The way media portrays topics in the news is another way that misleads individuals and brings more evil in the world. It’s unfortunate that with all the good things and blessings that happen in the world you do not see the media posting about these stories. How can this bring positivity to any ones life. I personally try to avoid the media as much as possible for this reason. I believe that staying close with God and counting your everyday blessings is the best way to avoid evil. Doing the right thing and encouraging others to do the same will help to minimize evil one person at a time. Although I know it will never be eliminated 100% it will help by not creating more evil or ill beliefs. “Evil (moral evil, that is) owes it’s existence to the deeds of men: evil is manifested in concerto in the deeds of men: it exists at a certain place at a certain time; and it needs it’s humans victims and their tortured and executioners.” Kenneth

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