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Quiz 1 Study Guide
Towns: Chapter I
What does “prolegomena” mean?
Prolegomena means to one has an attitude, tools and assumptions that go before the study of theology. This preparation is called prolegomena, which means “things that are said before.” Therefore, prolegomena is the introduction to the study of theology because it comes first and gives direction to the formation of one’s belief. P. 5
What are the three presuppositions of prolegomena?
Prolegomena begins with the presuppostions that there is:
1) A God
2) That truth exists
3) That a person can know truth. P. 6
What is the contemporary usage of the word “theology?” .
The contemporary usage of the word “theology” can be defined as “the science of religion” or “the doctrines
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The theologian who learns from history will not only learn the best expressions of theology in the past, but he will also be aware of natural heretical tendencies and so avoid them. P.19-21
What four questions must we ask about faith?
Four questions that must be asked about faith are:
1) Is the present day Christian faith in harmony with, and growing out of, that continuous faith of in the New Testament?
2) If faith is a reality and is available to all, then the method of acquiring it and expressing it must be predictable; is your concept of faith available to all individuals?
3) Is private faith based on objective faith?
4) Faith involves its symbols and expressions. To understand faith, one must describe it as well as define it. This description is seen in church symbols, word symbols, and its influence upon one’s life. Hence, are the symbols of one’s faith meaningful? P.20
What six factors can limit our theology?
The six factors which can limit our theology are:
1) Human understanding – because man does not know everything about God, about life, about science, or about the explorations in historical theology, he cannot have perfect understanding in theology. Not only is man’s source of knowledge limited, but his reasoning processes are limited. Therefore, even when he has done his best, his theology is limited. P. 21
2) Language - God has used words to communicate

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