Theo 104 Reflection Paper

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I. Introduction In this paper I will discuss the following three topics; why are personal testimonies important in sharing the gospel, if a person is a Christian does it matter how they live their life, and does it matter if Jesus was raised bodily or is spiritual resurrection sufficient. I believe that these are three very important questions in theology. The answers to these questions explain why we believe what we believe and why we as Christians practice the way that we do.
II. Section One The first question I would like to discuss is why are personal testimonies important in sharing the gospel? I feel that personal testimonies are important in sharing the gospel because they serve as a starting point of conversations.
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If Jesus had not risen bodily then why should we believe the Bible and why should we have faith that one day we will also be raised and be with our Heavenly Father. Without this faith and hope we would not have Christianity as there would be no reason to believe anything from the Bible.
V. Conclusion In conclusion, I have discussed why our personal testimonies are important in the sharing of the gospel, why is matters how a Christian lives their life, and why it matters that Jesus was risen bodily. These three things are very important to us as Christians. Our personal testimony serves as a spring board into conversation about Christ and can help to make others want to accept Christ. The way a Christian lives their life can serve to help others want to be like them or can serve to turn others away and make them not want to be like them. Finally the fact that Jesus was raised bodily is the basis of the Christian beliefs. If Jesus had not been raised bodily then we would not have the Bible today because the Bible would have been proven

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