How Did Themisthenes Influence Athenian Government

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Cleisthenes influence is profound. It was the first time in history that the common people overthrew a government for form a new one, which is known as the Athenian Revolution. Cleisthenes was a forefather of democracy. He helped the Athenians develop a system of government in which all had a say, not only the aristocratic few. Because of the new government founded, an individual such as Themistocles was able to have a powerful say in the Athenian government. Themistocles was not an aristocratic and only after the Athenian Revolution was he able to have a say. Themistocles was a cunning courageous and cunning leadership who under his leadership created Athens into a world power, his was his wit that forced the Persians to become trapped in the straits of Salamis. Because Themistocles created Athens into a world power, aristocratic Pericles, did not need to worry about the threat of war. He sought to symbolize to the world that Athens was flourishing and he began He was able to envision developing Athens into a great Empire filled with power and culture. He did this by building the Parthenon to symbolize and display the greatness and power of Athens. Athens, under the rule of Pericles became the intellectual center of the ancient world . Because Pericles was not …show more content…
Her works and life are ambiguous in that not many of her writings survived and information about her family life is disjointed. Many of her writings have been found in fragments, such as being used to wrap mummy in ancient Egypt. However, it is likely that she was an aristocrat and married to a wealthy merchant. Whether or not she had a daughter name Cleis is debated. She was exiled to Sicily due to her political activities and the city of Syracuse erected a statue in her honor. She had profound influence on future historical figures such as Plato, who called her the Tenth

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