Themes and Narratives Essay

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Theme and Narrative Elements
ENG125: Introduction to Literature (AFG1232A)
Instructor: Stacey Novak
Written By: Christie McCauley
August 20, 2012

2 Theme and Narrative Elements The main theme of the story is to give insight on giving selfless gifts much as the wise men did for Jesus. The color grey is used in the short story and it is another symbol for sadness. We see in the story sadness is very much an emotion the main character feels when she does not have money for a gift for her husband. , There are many symbols throughout the story as well; such as the description of the cold winter. Winter is a symbol of stagnation and this couple is financially struggling as we see. It will be explained more at the
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This story is much like Aesop’s Fables in that it comes with a parable in the end. The whole story is written in third person limited omniscient as that it is written entirely in Della’s interpreted third person point of view.
The Narrator’s tone in this story is wise as he is giving the audience advice on selfless giving. His writing story comes off as if someone is reading this story to you; much like many Christmas stories. Using some of what is taught is Chapter 5; we learn the plot is made up of 5 elements: Exposition, Complication, Climax, Falling action and Resolution. In the exposition we learn that Della and Jim are poor and that her hair and Jim’s watch are their 2 prized possessions. We see in the story that Della wants to buy Jim a
The Complication of the story comes when Della sells her hair. She does it so she can buy Jim a nice present but will he like her appearance when he comes home and see or will he be mad? When he comes home and sees her he says nothing. You have no idea what Jim is thinking. When he finally says something Jim tells Della she will understand his reaction when she opens the gift he got her.
The Climax of the story comes with the gifts. For Della it is gorgeous combs for her hair that she no longer had and for Jim it is a lovely chain for a watch that he no longer has as well. The Falling Action of the story is when Jim says not much else to

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