Themes Of U.s. And World History Essay

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GKE1 Task 3: Themes in U.S. & World History
Part A.
British Imperialism in India began as a trade venture, Britain’s lack of resources sent them to far lands in search of items such as fabrics, indigo, saltpetre, rice and sugar cane, to expand wealth and therefore power. The rise of Imperialism in India occurred over several decades starting around the mid 1700’s as British factories or trading post were developed on the coast of India. The trading post were managed under the direction of the East India Company (EIC) and their role in British Imperialism began in trade but would advance to include administration of government and armies in India. The infusion of British power in India began and expanded with the full cooperation of Indians. Indians were often allies of the EIC or employed as merchants, sepoys, or tax collectors (Johnson, 2003).
British Imperialism would deepen its hold on India after the war between Mughal rulers and the Maratha Confederacy. The British felt like the war had caused a decline in trade and this forced them to increase political control and led to the development of trade markets in the Subcontinent of India. Early British Imperialism tried to maintain willing participation by Indians by as little interference into their lives as possible. As the need for more control developed, many British Imperialist felt they needed to change India to be successful. Some believe they needed to impose English language and English education as…

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