Essay on Themes Of The Scarlet Letter By Nathaniel Hawthorne

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Throughout The Scarlet Letter, many themes were presented in many different forms, Motifs, and Symbols. Hawthorne, throughout the story, presented the theme sin, and allowed the reader to perceive it as a gift, or more of a necessary step toward happiness. Many Characters, Symbols, and Plot points tied to the theme of sin, but not all were evil as would be expected with a topic of sin. Through the Scarlet letter, Hawthorne portrays sin as more of a grey area, not putting it out to be dark, but not completely light either, as would have been in an actual puritan society where any rule of the bible that was broken was often severely punished. Hawthorne added many different elements to the story to make the reader think, and ponder over the real meaning of sin and decide for himself or herself if sin is a good or a bad thing. The motifs Hawthorne uses throughout the book help the reader understand the theme of the book, and whether to portray it as an evil, or a good thing. Two examples of this are Roger Chillingworth, and Little Pearl
The first of two major motifs that helped explained the theme of the Scarlet Letter was little Pearl. Pearl was the product of sin. When two sinners had feelings for each other, they committed a crime against the bible and created a child. All the other kids shunned Pearl, born out of sin, and parents, grew up close to her mother. Being so close to her mother all the time gave the child an understanding of the letter and sin, that many adults or…

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