Themes Of Morality, Love, And Slavery Essay

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The themes of morality, love, and slavery are prominent throughout both The Triumphs of Love and Inkle and Yarico. Both plays include a storyline full of love and queries on the right decision versus what is expected by society. When undercover there is another compelling issue that the author seeks to address. The authors try to show how slavery is wrong by presenting the play in a way that its audience will understand. In turn, the authors are able to reveal the fallacy in their beliefs and theories concerning slavery and forcing people in bondage. First, the authors present the characters according to how people perceived black people during that time when the play was written. Yarico in Inkle and Yarico, and Sambo in Triumphs of Love, serve as an effigy or surrogate to represent the conflict of slavery. Yarico and Sambo are minor characters, but their interactions with the other characters are vital to the story and overall theme. When Yarico and Wowski are first introduced, there isn’t much said about them. Yet, through dialogue, their contrasting speaking style, and interactions with other characters in the play, Yarico is depicted as the tragic mulatto and Wowski is depicted as a picanny. When Sambo is first introduced, he is not only depicted as the coon, but also kind and loyal to his master. There is little mentioned about these characters because in this way, they satisfy or compliment what Dicker/sun describes as the metaphor of the mask used in the…

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