Themes Of Migration And Immigration In Sister Of My Heart

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Migration and immigration have directly or indirectly affected several generations of contemporary writers in English engendering hybridism and cultural complexity within them and urging them to grapple with multiple cultures and countries and tensions between them. The first generation Indian American Community, attempts to inscribe the Indian cultural ethos in the new immigrant country. The striking feature of the writings of the Diasporic writers like Divakaruni is that she concentrates on the rootlessness, alienation, despair, nostalgia, marginalization, readjustment, assimilation and adoption. Among these the basic features of diaspora is the uprooting of the self from the native land and of settling down elsewhere.
Chitra Banerjee Divakurani
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The book carries on the theme capturing the dilemmas and opportunities confronting women with one foot in traditional Indian society and the other in the modern world. The common concern of Diasporic Literature is acculturation of immigrants. The immigrants plunge into the present and are able to accept changes. This is evident in the novel Sister of My …show more content…
A recurrent theme in her novels is the way women undergo various problems especially resulting from matrimony like divorce, domestic violence, female foeticide, problems of adjustment between husband-wife, lack of understanding and communication. She has also touched on the loss of identity and the struggle of the women to re-assert their need for independence. Importance of financial independence has also been reiterated through her writings. Her work involves in dealing with their problems and helps them gain self-confidence and stand on their own feet which also get transferred to the way her women protagonists think and

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