Essay about Themes Of Love And Passing Time

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Gabriella Marzan
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May 29th, 2015
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To What Extent Are The Themes of Love & Passing Time Depicted In The Seagull?

In the novel The Seagull, Chekhov places the ideals of true love and time side by side. Love for either a person or thing causes internal conflicts such as self-hate and feelings of unfulfillment for characters like Treplev. Sadly, the person that each character seems to have feelings for never reciprocates his or her love. As time passes within the novel, characters create an even greater yearn for something that, in the end, is never found. Based off of Chekhov’s style of writing, we can infer that characters try to find the meaning of their lives by love. The quest for love against time creates an inevitable fate of tragedy for most of the characters. This battle of love and time ultimately leads us to a greater understanding of plot development and character relationships.
The central and most tragic love story in The Seagull is Treplev’s everlasting love for Nina. Treplev’s love for Nina is immense and he even makes her aware of this by saying, “I love you” (Chekhov, 142) after they kiss in secret. However, Nina is confused about her feelings towards him and chooses to ignore them by replying, “SHHH” (Chekhov, 142). When Nina is introduced to Trigorin, she falls in love with him and leaves behind the thoughts she once had of Treplev. Treplev realizes the sudden change in Nina when she begins to distance herself from…

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