Themes Of Christopher Columbus, The Admiral Of The Ocean Sea Essay

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In chapter one in Howard Zinn’s A People’s History of the United States historical issues such as Columbus’ voyages to the Americas, Cortes’ conquest of the Aztec civilization, Pizarro’s conquest of the Incan civilization, and the English colonization of the North American east coast were discussed. Furthermore, Zinn explains these events in a new dialect and does not sugar-coat any of the actions or the Westerners as many historians and history textbooks do today. Therefore, with such an attitude in articulating history, Zinn makes it feasible for the reader to absorb new themes and perspectives of many historical events previously learned.
After reading chapter one, many of my previous viewpoints on Christopher Columbus, the admiral of the ocean sea, have dramatically amended. Below mentioned are five themes that I appointed that best represent the traits of Christopher Columbus.
First, Christopher Columbus can be described as being incredibly ethnocentric of his European and Caucasian backgrounds. The reason I elected this theme for Columbus is because ethnocentrism was the main fuel for European domination in the Americas, the central motive for imperialism, and for the augmentation in Christianity in the Americas through missionary efforts. Additionally, the presence of ethnocentrism begins to show Europe as the center of the most technologically advanced and the most culturally sophisticated region on the planet. This, correspondingly, is due to the major…

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