Themes Of Children In I Stand Here Ironing

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Three stories The common theme to the stories I read are children are always affected by how parents raise them. In some cases if you raise them with a lot of love they might think they should be handed everything in life. Other cases they will be given nothing and expect nothing in life, and last in some cases it will make no difference. In the three stories there are two sons and one daughter who have been affected by how they were raised. Sometimes not getting enough attention or too much can make a difference in decisions that are made In “A Good Man Is Hard to Find”, the grandmother insisted the whole family go Tennessee she said “You all ought to take them to somewhere else for a change so they would see different parts of the …show more content…
Emily was a very smart girl her mother could not take care of her she constantly sent her away. Emily would tell her mother, “Can’t you go some go some other time, Mommy like tomorrow?” “Will it be just a little while you’ll be gone? Do you promise?” (Olsen 448) She was very sad most of her life due to her mother not giving her enough attention. Other people even noticed she did not have enough time foe Emily. She went to the clinic and they told her, “she can have the kind of food and care you can’t manage for her, and you’ll be able to concentrate on the new baby.” (Olsen 448) Her mother realized she did not give Emily enough love or affection she sent her off to a convalescent home. When Emily came back from convalescent home in the country, Emily always made herself second, she made sure her siblings were always taken care of. In the end Emily found herself and finally decided to do what made her happy to be a comedian. She called her mother to tell her, “Mother, I did it. I won, I won: they gave me first prize: they clapped and clapped and wouldn’t let me go.” (Olsen 450) Her mother described her as being “somebody.” Emily had no attention from her mother and was always happy with the little bit she

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