The Yellow Wallpaper Summary

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The short story “The Yellow Wallpaper” focuses on a woman who is struggling with post traumatic syndrome after recently having a baby. Her doctor, who is also her husband, gives her the diagnosis to stay in bed all day and eventually thinking she will get better. From lying in bed all day she starts studying the yellow wallpaper, thinking she sees something in it. By the end of the story, it has drove her crazy and realizes the woman she sees in the wallpaper is really her and breaks free.
The setting where the story is taken place in the nineteenth century in a large, summer home. The narrator is primarily stuck in one of the bedrooms within the house with yellow wallpaper. The story never gives her a name, but that she is a young, upper- class woman, who is recently married and has just had a baby. The narrator tells her story through her secret diary that holds her secrets and her obsession with the wallpaper. John who is her doctor and husband, thinks he knows what is best for her by making her to stay
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The narrator in the story feels as though the is a bother to her husband because she complains about the wallpaper and he will not do anything about it. She asked John if she could stay in another room, but he said no. The obsession she had with the wallpaper could have been prevented if John would have changed the wallpaper or room for her to stay in. Towards the end of the story the narrator lets out her emotions towards John and says “I’ve got out at last” as though she is finally escaping the room he made her stay in. She felt trapped not just with the wallpaper, but with John and Jennie as well. She eventually becomes a strong female character after she speaks up to say how she really feels. The narrator is the protagonist by getting an insight on how she is being treated and standing up and breaking free from

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