Isolation In The Old Man And The Sea

Imagine traveling alone on a never-ending ocean, searching for the one thing you will never find. Throughout the novel, The Old Man and the Sea, written by Ernest Hemingway, the reader is able to journey with Santiago as he searches the sea for a fish that will change his life. Hemingway’s inspiration for Santiago’s story most likely came from his life as a child. Ernest spent much of his time learning how to fish and hunt with his father as he loved the outdoors. (“Ernest Hemingway.” Par. 2 ). After spending a countless amount of days alone at sea, Santiago begins to notice life is not all about what he wants, but more so what he already has. As isolation begins to deplete the mind, the theme of “The Old Man and The Sea” can be seen as Santiago …show more content…
As time passed by the ocean continued to seem vacant and the fishermen were unable to come across any fish. Fishing is what Santiago loves most in life. Catching fish for Santiago meant that he could be wealthy but it also made people look up to him. Santiago loves the thought of popularity and pride. If Santiago caught the most fish or the biggest fish, people would think highly of him. Even when the fish seemed to hide Santiago remained hopeful, never wanting to give up. Although the drought in fish is a struggle for Santiago his passion stayed strong: “‘Fish’, he said softly, aloud, ‘I’ll stay with you until I’m dead.’” (Hemingway 15). Here Santiago is inferring that he will never give up, although the challenge of catching fish can be a tedious task. The battle Santiago had with the fish was not only physical but also a mental battle between him and his will. (“The Old Man and the Sea.” Par. 1). Day after day Santiago and Manolin hunted the oceans prey. Santiago seemed to enjoy Manolin’s company however in his mind the main priority stayed the fish: “‘Fish,’ he said, ‘I love you and respect you very much. But I will kill you dead before this day ends.’”(Hemingway 21). Santiago always kept a positive outlook on everything he did. As a very determined fisherman Santiago would not stop his hunt. Manolin on the other hand had parents who wanted him to be successful. As a young apprentice, attempting to learn how to fish from a man who does not catch any is ironic. Watching their son come home every day empty handed angered Manolin’s parents and they began to take

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