Thesis For Sandcastle Girls

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Thesis: Within the endless sands crossing between, the decaying Ottoman Empire, millions of Armenians were sent on to their deaths by being forced across these sands by the Turkish government. In Chris Bohjalian, Sandcastle Girls, he creates a fictional novel that showcases these atrocities, while entwining the story into personable characters and an engaging story. The thesis of Sandcastle Girls is to create a fictional love story, which allows the reader to gain an understanding of the events that happened during the Armenian Genocide. The purpose of this book is to showcase the connections, real people, real events, and the real tragedy that was the Armenian genocide. Bohjalian accurately showcases the ravaging effects women suffered on the marches and showcased the struggle of Armenian men, being forced to leave their families. He also depicts the immense amount of orphaned kids, and the dangers, such as being taken, that being on the streets and without parents the children faced. Accurately founding this novel on history, allowed the author to …show more content…
While reading, you are engaged by the multiple characters dialogue and thoughts. Being able to get into the head of survivors, perpetrators, Germans, Turks, Americans and Armenians gives the reader an insight to the different perspectives of each character, giving you a chance to feel what they feel. Another strength is the historical background and accuracy. While the work is fiction, it is clear that Bohjalian has extensive work in the Armenians genocide, and its affects on individuals across nationalities, and time periods. For a reader that does not have extensive knowledge of the genocide, it provides an engaging story that combines a look at 1915 Ottoman Empire, as well as the lasting affects the genocide has had on the survivor’s families. This book is engaging throughout and enjoyable to

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