Living From The Heart Jesus Gave You Theme

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There are many themes that are recurring throughout Living from the Heart Jesus Gave You that I can relate to. The ones that spoke to me the most are belonging and joy because I know how much of an impact these two themes have played a part in my life. While the two themes are very much connected to one another- belonging brings joy- they have very distinct qualities all their own that should be relayed. “Life is about receiving and giving- reaching one’s destiny and helping others reach theirs. Living from the heart Jesus gave you requires more than receiving life’s essentials from family members only- it also takes a community. It takes belonging to a caring family and to a community of caring men and women who can guide and protect you.” …show more content…
Joy is the other theme that speaks to me because once I said “Yes” to Jesus, then my life turned around. I began to not only see and experience miracles first hand but my heart that was once hardened softened to let others around me know that it was because of Jesus that I was a changed person. It was not something that I had done but that God did everything because He has a plan and purpose for my life like other believers. It makes me feel good and gave me the joy to know that while I was being mischievous and hardened to the world, Jesus was patiently waiting to pull me back from the murk and mire I had gotten myself into. I truly believe that I was on the brink of death- spiritually and physically- but that God snatched me out the enemy’s hands because He knew I would turn to Him and spread the Gospel. Nothing gives me more joy than knowing that nothing can take me from out of my Father’s mighty grasp. “Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? Shall trouble or hardship or persecution or famine or nakedness or danger or sword?” (Romans 8:35, NIV) I will learn and grow in joy by spreading the news of Christ and redirecting any negative thoughts to Jesus and the promise of Heaven. I will also continue to be a doer of the word and give back to others so that they might see Christ in me and

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