Flyboy 2 Themes

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Greg Tate’s Flyboy 2 is a collection of African American works about music, culture, and more designed to illustrate important themes within the Black society. The main themes that Tate examines throughout his work involves the discussion of race, identity, and gender in a minority race within American society. The writings composed in the novel entail historic accounts, such as Michael Jackson’s struggle in society to Ice Cube’s perspective on rap and its influence in African American culture. Sade explores the criticism and misunderstandings that the media displays while ensuring that one must stay true to their purpose within the music industry. Tate also discusses the injustices that the hip hop industry had to face in relation to whites attempting to profit off of an institution that was intended to assist in black freedom. The Black Power and Civil Rights Movements often displayed the harsh realties within the African American society that many didn’t want to accept as real and factual. They also empowered the approaches that blacks had to take to earn racial equality. The writings of musical geniuses Michael Jackson, Ice Cube and Sade, along with white supremacy in the hip hop industry, exemplify the cruel and unforgiving past that still haunts African Americans today. Art is a form of expression that many …show more content…
Unapologetic and crude, Cube rapped about the inequalities that blacks faced from the white community to the wounds that African Americans often placed on themselves. While white Americans were to blame for many injustices that we faced, blacks were also viciously degrading their own character through black on black crime, teenage pregnancies, reliance on government assistance and more. Cube’s rap songs demonstrated messages of the realisms in our society through entertainment. Blacks were able to enjoy his songs while also understanding the underlying

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