Themes In Greek Mythology

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Throughout mythology there are reoccurring themes including great battles and strange birth stories. I relate to these themes because I have had experiences in my life that mimic those of the Gods in myth. A well-known battle in Greek mythology is the Titanomachy, a 10 year war between the Titans and the Olympians. I watched my cousin fight her own battle, against cancer. Greek myth always includes a unique tale of birth. A perfect example is the story of Zeus. Zeus’ father Cronus ate all of his kids as his wife Rhea birthed them. Rhea finally had enough and hid baby Zeus and fed her husband a rock instead. Lucky for me my father did not eat me or my siblings but I was born with a strange mark at the bottom of my neck thought to be a scale …show more content…
A powerful example of this is the battle of the Gods between the Titans and the Olympians in the Titanomachy. After many years the Olympian’s triumphed, winning the war. This past year I have experienced my cousin Bridget’s battle with cancer. She was diagnosed with melanoma at 28. She was pregnant with her son and the doctors were doing prenatal checkups when they found her cancer. Bridget gave birth to her son and immediately began chemotherapy. I watched her lose her hair and become very thin all while taking care of her infant son. After a year of treatment Bridget was cancer free! It was amazing! I was filled with relief. This relief lasted for six years until the cancer came back again. The cancer was back and stronger than ever, stage four melanoma. The now thirty five year old was much wiser and stronger. I remember she looked at me and said “I have beat this horrible thing before and I will beat it again.” I believed her, we all did. I was at the hospital with her on good days and very bad days. Every day was a roller coaster of good news and bad news. Towards the end of the year Bridget was doing much better and the good news came more frequently. However Bridget’s insurance company dropped her and she went without chemotherapy for six days. During that time our family hosted relay for life in our home town and raised lots of money for Bridget but it was not enough. In those six days I watched my cousin wither away. Her last week was spent at home aided by hospice. I had lots of talks with her (I being the only one speaking since she was incoherent) and I told her how much she meant to me. However nothing was worse than seeing the look of confusion on her sons face when his mother couldn’t respond to him. Bridget passed away shortly after leaving behind her seven year old son. Bridget’s battle has changed my life forever. I had so much faith throughout the entire process and I honestly believed she

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