Essay about Themes During the Romantic Age

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Themes During the Romantic Age The Romantic Age consists of many different authors that come from many different backgrounds. The authors that make up this era never group themselves together. The focuses of various ideas throughout their works are why Victorian critics first identified this group of authors as “the Romantics” (Greenbalt 1418). Hays says the writers of this time period “were joined by shared ideals” and they “were, in many respects divided, but were also united by their oppositional politics, by the depth of their convictions, and by their youth” (xix). Another reason many critics group these particular authors together is the reoccurring themes they use throughout their stories and poems. Three main themes these …show more content…
Lessing states, “that there is no doubt that the spirit of a man is made gentler by studying Nature” (qtd. in Beach 31). Romantic writers who lived around nature were more likely to be better poets then of those who lived in a jam-packed city (Coleridge in His Time 28). Beach backs up this article by saying the writings during the Romantic period “signifies in the poets the out-of-doors world as opposed to the indoor world, the country as opposed to the town” (31). Another fad of this time was the use of the mountain scenery in the Romantic works (Coombs 41). Coombs says the mountains “embodied all the most wonderful qualities of nature” (41). Peyre agrees Romantics rediscover nature in this time, by their searches of the mountains and the seas through their work (41).
Along with nature, imagination is a major theme in the Romantic Age. Bowra said, “if we wish to distinguish a single characteristic which differentiates the English Romantics from the poets of the eighteenth century, it is to be found in the importance which they attached to the imaginations and in the special view they held of it” (1). The Romantic writers “were conscious of a wonderful capacity to create imaginary worlds” (Bowra 1). The Romantics had the power to see the world in a special way because of their use of imagination (“Coleridge in His Time 30). Coleridge used his imagination in many of his works like “Christabel” and “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner”. In his works, he has

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