Themes And Differences In The Same Sky By Amanda Eyre Sisters

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The Same Sky and The Secret Language of Sisters, are two novels that have many similarities and differences regarding many diverse topics. The Same Sky, written by Amanda Eyre Ward, is a two storyline book where the main characters face very difficult times in both of their lives. On one end of the story, Carla, a eleven-year-old girl dreams of crossing the Mexican-American border; escaping violence and conflict. On the other end, Alice, the wife of a popular chef of a well-known BBQ restaurant faces many troubles in her relationship where something just beyond reach is missing; provoking them from complete happiness and satisfaction. The other novel, The Secret Language of Sisters, written by Luanne Rice, is a two perspective book on the same storyline where the main characters face the most altering situation of their lives. Roo, a teenage girl responds to her sister’s text message when driving; resulting in a locked-in syndrome where she’s trapped and paralyzed inside her own body. Her sister, Tilly, the one who texted Roo and inadvertently caused the accident, deals with the guilt and might be the only person willing to solve the mystery of her sister’s condition. Throughout this essay, it can be seen that many vast differences and similarities in themes, author’s craft, and life lessons can be compared and contrasted when reading these two novels.
One topic that can be pondered upon in these stories are the themes. It is simple to see that one of the common themes seen

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