The Raven Diction

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After reading “The Raven” by Edgar Allen Poe I noticed that the poem had a very depressed mood to it. The main point was that the main character was sitting is his chair and something knocking on his door grabs his attention. The character acts if it’s nothing, but that situation is reminding him of a lady whom he had feelings for called, Lenore. He would use uncommon language to express a situation but in a harsh way. For example, in line 6 he used “in the bleak December”, this basically meaning it was a cold and miserable December. All his diction was very negative and dark. Throughout the poem I come to make out that perhaps the spirit of Lenore is the one who came back to hunt the nameless main character. As the title of the poem states “The Raven” is because what grabs his attention and knocked on his door …show more content…
The speaker is saying death is not scary in comparison to other things. It says death can’t kill nor can it kill the speaker. Death seems to be compared to sleep. Death is like a slave because it is like poison, war and sickness. It mentions poppy as it says that basically taking drugs will do the same thing to you. It will make you go to sleep nothing else. Religion seems to play a significant role in this poem. Christianity takes place because death is just like a nap because someone of Christian religion will have eternal life. The speaker uses a lot of comparison throughout the poem to make death look bad. It is almost as if they were two people the speaker is trying to make fun of “death” and explaining why it is nothing to fear. It compares death to sleep a lot, but sleep is something that we enjoy. By sleeping we can obtain being happy, it is something we like so we don’t fear going to sleep at all. Moral of poem is that death has no power. Death is just something that comes along while we reach eternal life. There are other things worse than death because it is just like taking a

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