Theme Of Unrealized Dream Shown Through Of Mice And Men Essay

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The Theme of Unrealized Dream Shown Through Of Mice and Men
The individuals expressing the idea of “the unrealized dream” is a theme John Steinbeck employs in his novella Of Mice and Men. The characters have “the dream”, and this what they believe would have been their ideal situation to have. Lennie and George have the dream to live together on a small farm. Candy dreams about living with them, and he would be help out on the land. Curly’s wife has the dream that would have come true if she went through with events from her past. The novella Of Mice and Men is about migrant workers trying to achieve their goal of the perfect “american dream”, which is challenged by an accidental murder on the ranch. George and Lennie believe they have a future together, and have the dream that pushes them to keep working every day. Lennie and George want to work as a duo, and work together to make money for their dream. Their dream is “live off the fatta the lan” , they want to be able to grow everything they need on their own personal farm (Steinback 14). Together they would have farm animals that they would tend to, and specifically Lennie would be able to tend to the rabbit. Lennie has a mental illness that challenges him everyday, but he is a very strong worker. George as the caretaker for Lennie, supervises the money. He makes sure they do not spend money on unnecessary entertainment, so they can save up for their farm. Their dream motivated them to work hard everyday, so they…

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