Theme Of T Treatment Of The Poor In Oliver Twist

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Annotated bibliography for the theme of t treatment of the poor in Oliver Twist
Dickens, Charles. Oliver Twists Cambridge university press. London 1917 print.
Charles was a British novelist from Portsmouth, England. He was the second of eight children. Charles Dickens grew up in somewhat of a middle class family. Dickens mother was an aspired to be schoolteacher and director. While his father was a naval clerk. At the age of twelve Charles Dickens father sent to prison for debt . As a result of that Dickens was forced to leave school to work at boat – blocking factory. In the novel Oliver Twist, Oliver is a poor orphan who is being mistreated since birth because he is poor. The treatment Oliver receives is brutal and cruel. In the
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Also in the novel, it shows how the poor were being taking advantage of. For instance, Fagan tries to turn Oliver into a criminal by teaching him to pickpockets and then sell off what he steals. Charles Dickens was also mistreated like Oliver after his father went to prison and he had to work long hours in the blocking factory to pay his family debts. Many times Dickens was afraid that he could end up living on the streets like many other children. During that time children that lived on the streets were recruited to be robbers and pickpockets. Dickens illustrates that in novel when Oliver meets the artful dodger. . Charles Dickens wrote the novel Oliver Twist to express his thoughts on how the rich treated the poor and how he felt about the laws regarding the poor.
Arlington Edwin. Richard Cory. Introduction to literature. Pearson. Boston . 2013. 216. Print
Edwin Arlington Robinson is an American poet who was born on December 22, 1869 in head tide, Maine. Robinson came from a family of wealth but after the national depression of the 1890s his family was left with very
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He is the son of Arthur A Ross. Gary Ross originally started out as a novelist. When Ross was hired to write a treatment for a screen play he learn that writing the treatment paid more than writing the novel. He went on to write his own screenplay and collaborated with Anne Spielberg on the script for big. He also wrote presidential speeches for president Bill Clinton. Ross is mostly known for directing the film called Hunger Games. In the film, Katniss Everdeen volunteer as tribute to participate in the hunger games .Every year the capitol host the hunger games, where one male and one female aged 12-18 from each distract are chosen to fight to the death on a televised, Katniss Everdeen ends up volunteering after her little sister has been chosen. So Katniss takes her sister place and is taken to capital where she and the other 23 tributes will have to try to be the only survivor and winner of the hunger games. The children in this film are treated horrible. All of the twelve districts are full of poor families who children have to work in terrible conditions. Each year children are dying because the yearly hunger games. Also people are dying from starvation because of the limited resource every district had. This film clearly shows that the treatment of the poor was cruel. The wealthy people that in the capitol did not care about poor and the way they were killing the kids. The capital ruled

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