Theme Of Silence And Secrets In Winter's Bone

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Silence and Secrets in Debra Granik’s Winter’s Bone
This 2010 drama is a film followed by the trials and tribulations of Ree Dolly, a young girl desperately trying to provide for her two younger siblings and her mother suffering for a mental illness. After their father Jessup, living a life surrounded by crime and drugs goes missing a week before his set court date, Ree dolly goes on a frantic search to find Jessup. Ree would not care too much, except for the fact, Jessup put his family home up for bond. Without that home, Ree won’t be able to care for her mentally ill mother or her younger siblings, they’ll be living on the streets. As Ree desperately tries to search for her father, the young girl is constantly warned to stop snooping around
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The sheriff is only present for a few minutes before the neighbors start creeping out of their home’s to see what’s going on which makes the sheriff nervously flee the home. The next scene showcase a neighbor bringing over some food for the family, the neighbor begin to snoop around asking Ree questions making sure she haven’t said anything to the sheriff. I thought that was just a little odd how she was just asking so many questions, she seemed really pressed about making sure Ree did not say anything she was not suppose to. You can tell by her body language and how the tone of her voice shift that she was concerned about what Ree discussed with the sheriff. The next day, Ree begins her search for her father, which is not as easy as the young girl thought. As she begins this journey, each of her distant relatives warns her to stay close to home and stay out of …show more content…
Ree eventually tries to talk to the local crime boss Thump Milton but, he refused to see her. The only information she came about was that her father Jessup either died in a fire from trying to cook meth or skipped town to avoid trial. Also, she is warned by Merab to stop looking for information that should never be exposed. When Jessup fails to appears to his court trial, Ree tells the bondsman that Jessup have to be dead because “Dollys don’t run”, he does not believe her and tells her she must provide proof of his death to avoid the bond being forfeited or the house will be seized. The bail bondsman inform Ree that her family only have one week left with the house. Ree attempt to talk to Milton one more time but, Ree is severely beaten by the women of his family. The way they attacked Ree just for trying to talk to Milton shows us, that they are desperately trying to keep Ree from running her mouth or asking questions because they do not want her exposing secrets and messing up their drug business. This scene reveal to us that the Milton crew is afraid of Ree and what she represent. The young girl brings to light how dark and dangerous their family business actually is. Surprisingly, Teardrop shows up to rescue Ree from her attackers and plead with them that Ree will keep quiet and will not cause any more problems for them. That

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