Theme Of Segregation In Wilson's Fences

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Segregation is a point in history marked by confined racial separation. The Jim Crow Laws set in 1877 are what allowed for the discrimination in the South to exist. Having been living through this racial important time, can change a person’s views on the world. Making it difficult for any person of color to think it probable that they can ever do better or amount to anything. Troy has grown up seeing and living through all kinds of discrimination. Which can be a reason why he has grown into the bitter man he is now. Throughout Wilson’s Fences, literal and figurative fences represent the social barrier imposed during segregation-impacting families for generations. The Jim Crow Laws were around for about 77 years. Stating that whites and people …show more content…
In a way Rose may want her husband and son to build her the fences as a way of bonding. Forcing them to work together and in hopes form a better relationship. Also, in the play you notice both Rose and Troy have almost complete opposite personalities. Their views on the use of the fence can simulate that. Specifically, Rose may use the fence as a form of protection to keep her and her loved ones safe and together. Where Troy see’s the fence as a way to keep others from getting in or as a barrier against death. Maxson struggles with finishing the simple project of putting up the fence, always staling and never getting around to it. His lack of effort put into the building of the fence could represent his lack of commitment to his family. Which would add to the reason behind his affair. Representations and interpretations of fences are found from beginning to end in the play. Fences can mean one thing or multiple thing throughout the duration of the play. Wilson finds a way to take something as simple as a fence and put greater meaning to it. The audience sees how the hardship suffered during the years of segregation and racial inequality affects families. Like with the Maxson families and Troy’s determination to prevent his son from playing sports; all because he was discriminated on when he was younger. Troy built a fence around his house and refused to move forward with the times. In a way he was his own

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