Theme Of Sad Joke On A Marae

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Register to read the introduction… It is the story of ‘Tu’ the freezing worker, and his visit back to the Marae after losing contact with his Maori heritage and culture. He is communicating with the Maori spirits Rewi and Te Rauparaha. He begins by shouting the only Maori words that he knows, “Tihei Mauriora”. He then goes on to say;
“My name is Tu the freezing
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In ‘Once Were Warriors’ this theme was represented powerfully through the transformation of Boogie. Boogie was a good kid who fell in to the wrong crowd, such a tragic and far too common occurrence in our society today, particularly in places such as South Auckland (where the film is set). Boogie is caught by the Police in the wrong place at the wrong time and gotten into trouble to many times, and because of this he is removed from his house and put in the correction centre run by Mr Bennett because of the volatile home environment at home. During this time Boogie is able to reconnect with his roots and learn morals and to be proud of his culture. He is also taught an extremely valuable lesson which came to the surface when he was talking to Nig at the table after Grace’s death. During this conversation Boogie commented on Nig’s facial tattoo. Nig replies with “Would you like one?” to which Boogie replies with “No thanks, I wear mine on the inside.” This simple line not only showed that Boogie had learnt to fight with his mind not his fists, and to think things out first, but he overcame the odds when his back was against the wall when he was on the verge of going over the edge and going into jail, and overcame the expectations placed on him by society of amounting to nothing and created a new future for himself. The most obvious example of this in New Zealand society that I can relate to this is of our Prime Minister Hon. John Key. John grew up in a state housing environment, his mother struggled to even put food on the table and afford new clothes for him. Now look at him. A man from the definition of the margins of society, a child who could have so easily become forgotten and been ended up owned by the government system, is now the man

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