Theme Of Responsibility In Of Mice And Men

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In Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck, George and Lennie are laborers in California’s vegetable fields who are bonded together with their family-like friendship and chase the same dreams. George represents responsibility because of Lennie's mental disability, he feels as if he has to watch over him, so they travel together to give each other company. Both of them are continually struggling to reach for their American Dream because of Lennie’s disability, which suggests that sacrifice and responsibility may come hand in hand when trying to achieve a goal.
George and Lennie’s American Dream is very clear throughout the novella. George continually reminded Lennie of their dream, “someday-we’re gonna get the jack together and we’re gonna have a
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George the protagonist, feels like he has to be responsible for Lennie because of his innocence and feels like Lennie wouldn’t be able to survive alone. George’s responsibility over Lennie becomes evident when he says, “I want you to stay with me Lennie...your aunt Clara wouldn’t like you running out by yourself even if she is dead”(13) which reveals that George cares about Lennie and wants to have that older brother kind of protection with him, especially because neither of them have any close family members. When George and Lennie started working on the ranch they tried their best to keep their distance from the workers, which was one of George’s many ways of preventing chaos. For the same reason when they met Curley’s wife George made sure to warn Lennie, “Don’t you even take a look at that bitch. I don’t care what she does. I seen ‘em poison before, but I never seen no piece of jail bait worse than her. You leave her be.”(32) because George feels responsible for Lennie he sees it necessary to tell Lennie who he should stay away from to prevent Lennie from getting into any trouble …show more content…
“The guys in Weed start a party to lynch Lennie...An’ that night we scrammed outta there”(42) because of Lennie’s innocence, he did many things without thinking clear and because George felt responsible for him they had to sacrifice their job, their memories and starting from the beginning having nowhere to go, so that people in Weed wouldn’t kill his best friend. However, George made a dynamic change when he agreed that it was for the best that they kill Lennie, but George wanted to send Lennie off to heaven in the most peaceful way which is why George took that responsibility and did it himself. When George pulled the trigger and the crash of the shot rolled up and down the hills, that is when George made the biggest sacrifice of his life, his and Lennie’s dreams were gone and they could no longer turn into a reality. All the times they told each other “[George speaking] because I got you an’...[Lennie speaking] An’ I got you. We got each other, that’s what, that gives a hoot in hell about us,”(104) these words once meant something close to their heart. It was a way of reassuring their friendship, but now they meant nothing. Lennie was very much a part of how George interpreted the stability of being happy, and once Lennie died this idea died as well. George sacrificed his best friend’s life because he was afraid

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