Relationships In Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

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Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare began and ended with death, but the story continues to live on. Romeo and Juliet was written in 1500’s and showed how relationships worked back then and how Shakespeare saw relationships. It is important to use lenses because, “The different lenses also allow critics to focus on particular aspects of a work they consider important.” (McGinn research, via Tyson, Richart). The relationship lense is looking at the different types of relationships and see how they affect the story or the characters. Romeo and Juliet was only able to be a successful play and bring in the audiences it did because of the relationships inside. Familial, friendly, and romantic relationships are the forces and powers that bring the plot together. …show more content…
This love is shown through the interactions of the Nurse and Juliet. The Nurse raised Juliet, and it shows through the bond they have with each other. Examples include “We must talk in secret. Nurse, come back again; / I have remembered me, thou’s hear our counsel. / Thou knowest my daughter’s of a pretty age.” (Lady Capulet, Ⅰ.Ⅲ.11-13). Lady Capulet wanted the Nurse to leave so she could speak to Juliet privately, but she remembers that the Nurse knows Juliet better and asks her to stay. This helps the plot move forward with the way that the Nurse comforts Juliet and what the Nurse does for Juliet. The Nurse relayed plans back and forth between Romeo and Juliet, and the plans they made were big plot points that pushed the plot on. This relationship is different from some of the others because of how much the Nurse wanted to help Juliet and how much she cared for her, it also helped that while they are mainly examples of familial love they were friends on some

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