Theme Of Redemption In The Old Man And The Sea

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When one fails to accomplish a task or goal they aspired to achieve, often, they strive to redeem themselves. Through the tough obstacles and hindrances, only the ones with exceptional grit eventually reach redemption. The novella The Old Man and the Sea, by Ernest Hemingway, illustrates the idea of redemption throughout the story. The Old Man and the Sea is an ambiguous novel about a fisherman named Santiago, who hadn’t caught a fish in 84 days so he goes out into the ocean for a few days to redeem himself. One of the underlying themes found in The Old Man and the Sea is the theme of redemption and how Santiago needs to prove his worth to himself, his community and his friend, Manolin.
Santiago redeems himself in many parts of the novella,
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Manolin used to fish with Santiago regularly until Santiago’s “unlucky streak” became concerningly excessive. Consequently, the boy’s parents no longer let him fish with Santiago since it was believed that he was back luck. After Santiago comes back with the Marlin on page 125 it states, “‘The hell with luck,’ the boy said. ‘I’ll bring the luck with me.’ ‘What will your family say?’ ‘I do not care. I caught two yesterday. But we will fish together now for I still have much to learn.’” (Hemingway). Santiago was able to gain redemption after Manolin began to lose faith in him because Santiago was unable to catch any fish. Manolin makes it clear that Santiago has proven himself enough to convince him that it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks such as his family, if he wants to fish with Santiago.
All in all, one of the major themes in The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway is redemption from oneself, one’s community and close friends and family. Santiago was able to achieve all of this due to his grit. He shows how that if one has enough grit, and determination, that they can do whatever they put their mind to. He proves that he is his own worst enemy and if he doesn’t believe in himself, nothing’s going to happen and that once he had his own support, he was able to redeem himself and gain support from his friends and

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