Theme Of Reconciliation In Midsummer Night's Dream

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Register to read the introduction… Reconciliation is the opposite because reconciliation is the settling of confusion. An example of reconciliation in the story is when Oberon uses a spell and cures Titania of her love to Bottom. Oberon says: “But first I will release the fairy queen. Be as thou wast wont to be; See as thou wast wont to see: Dian's bud o'er Cupid's flower Hath such force and blessed power. Now, my Titania; wake you, my sweet queen.” This is an example of reconciliation because Oberon is fixing the confusion caused by the love juice by reversing the spell. Oberon is allowing Titania to wake because he feels sorry for her and has gotten what he wanted. As Titania awakes, she is still a bit confused but relieved that she no longer is in love with Bottom. Reconciliation occurs here again as Titania seems to find renewed love for Oberon after coming out of a trance of loving somebody else. This fixed the confusion that was present when Titania was in love with the little Indian boy more than her husband, which should not have been so. Another example of reconciliation is when the lovers all wake up loving the correct people and also when Theseus agrees to their marriages and overrules Egeus' pleas. This is getting rid of all the confusion created at the beginning of the story and is basically solving the main problem. Theseus overrides Egeus' pleas when he says: "Fair lovers, you are fortunately met: Of this discourse we more will hear anon. …show more content…
Each had their pros and cons, such as with the book you could imagine the people's faces and voices and facial expressions, whereas you could not in the movie. However, the film did portray the elements better all in all. For example, the movie made the confusion in the forest much more clear than in the story. While one could imagine the people chasing after one another and getting lost, it was much easier to actually see them getting lost and the actor's expressions of confusion and anger to show them being lost. Also, the film seemed to extend certain arguments. Also, during these arguments the actors would use hand motions and gestures and their faces would better portray their anger. The commoners' reactions to Bottom were also exaggerated and made funnier. This helped to better portray the horror of the actors at Bottom's new head. All this made the confusion in the story seem much more convincing and realistic. The film also made the reconciliation and celebration seem much more convincing. For example, seeing the actors' relieved faces from waking up and finding the confusion over portrayed their relief much better than imagining it from the book. The happiness in the lover's faces when they found out they could marry was also much more evident in the movie than in the book. Titania's shock and disbelief at her loving Bottom was also better portrayed through the movie by her facial

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