The Old Man And The Sea Analysis

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The short story, The Old Man and The Sea by Ernest Hemingway, is about a unlucky fisherman named Santiago. Everyone in the village thinks badly about him because it has been so long since he has caught a fish. Santiago has an apprentice named Manolin. Manolin still fishes and learns from Santiago despite Santiago’s bad reputation throughout the village. After Santiago has a dream about his childhood, Santiago takes his boat out further than any other fisherman has gone before. As Santiago is deep out in the ocean, he catches a huge marlin. Even though it took Santiago two days and two nights, he manages to finally kill it. Santiago put so much time an effort into killing the fish, that Santiago has also injured himself. Although this experience was very troublesome …show more content…
As the old man was sleeping, the villagers see the fish carcass and are astonished by the size of it. The character Santiago in The Old Man and The Sea by Ernest Hemingway shows readers that no measure of physical pain or torment should be able to destroy someone's pride or respect. Throughout the book, Santiago goes through many rough moments, but courageously he manages to stay humble and not let the hard times get to him. Throughout the story The Old Man and the Sea, the reader can clearly see pride through the character Santiago. Santiago, who sleeps on news papers and uses his pants, that he has worn all day, as his pillow is the type of man who is humble about his abilities. As Manolin is complimenting him, telling him that he is the best fisherman, Santiago says to him, “ No. I know others better.” (Hemingway 12). This demonstrates that Santiago is humble enough to say that he is not the best, even though at one point in time, was. Pride in The Old Man and The Sea is contradictory. A man like Santiago, who is very much heroic, should have pride in the things that he does. All though, at the same time, it is

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