Gender Stereotypes In Thelma And Louise

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Thelma & Louise is an American film that was created in 1991. This film is a drama/crime film. The plot is about two women who embarks on a journey that would change their lives beyond measure. Thelma is a meek submissive housewife to a verbally and mentally abusive egotistical husband named Darryl. Louise is a waitress and has some what of a distressed relationship with her on again off again lover Jimmy, who is always on the road as a traveling musician. Louise initiates this road trip to get away and have a good time. On this trip Thelma was nearly raped which caused Louise to kill him. From this point they were on the run to Mexico, while being chased by American police.
There were a few stereotypes I noticed while watching the film. One stereotype that jumped out to me is how some of the men in the film treated the women as they were only sexual objects for them to abuse. These stereotypes played out overtly. The two main instances that reflected this stereotypical behavior is the near rape incident that almost occurred between Thelma and the man from the bar. Thelma was having a good time with the man, but he took it to another level and became ruff and abusive with her. Slapping her and cursing at her when she tried to say no to having sex. The second incident was when the two women were continuously harassed by the drunk truck driver who
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The bar incident with Thelma and the man which led to physical and verbal abuse was a form of discrimination. He felt that Thelma was an objectified sex object. Therefore, he discriminated against her and acted upon his beliefs. This discriminatory behavior had a major effect on Thelma and Louise. As I can only imagine Thelma felt hurt, helpless, and somewhat guilty because she was entertaining the man the whole night. The reactions of this man’s violent and aggressive behavior cause Louise to shoot and kill

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