Theme Of Prejudice In H. E. Hinton's The Outsiders

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A magnificent story by H.E Hinton " The Outsiders" starts off with a boy named ponyboy, a poor yet kind individual who is In a gang called the greasers. He fights to survive in an unforgiving environment within a town of Oklahoma with severe gang violence. All the members of the greasers struggle with money and live in a more broken down part of town, and most townspeople tend to be scared of the greasers and steer clear of them. But many of the greasers are very kind, like Sodapop, Johnny, and ponyboy. So this story seems to cover an important topic about prejudice. At the beginning everyone takes the greasers for mean violent criminals, but later on Johnny makes some heroic actions redeeming the greasers reputation. There's a group called the socs to in the town, and they're basically at war with the greasers. In fact the socs hunt down greasers in their own territory, yet the greasers never really go after them without a reason. Although the greasers hold switchblades and guns on them, they only do it to protect themselves and survive the only way they can. The socs are very pretentious and rich, they're a lot more respected than the greasers since they haven't gone through a he troubles of …show more content…
Without the support of family at an early age can be extremely harsh and difficult for anyone and can sculpt ones life. Two-bit and his dad can't get along at all, he even got kicked out of the house. With the Curtis brothers, Pony, Soda, and Darry, they all lost their parents very early in their lives which created many problems for them. Not only did theses conflicts cause emotional problems but also money problems, Darry is constantly working every day just to support Soda and Pony and he's only 20. Right after their parents died Darry had to start working, canceling many opportunities, "But we just didn't have the money for him to go to college, even with the athletic scholarship he

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