Theme Of Parris And Danforth Responsible For The Grucible

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was more than one person, Parris and Danforth. Parris was an adult who took the accusations that Abigail and the girls made seriously. And Danforth cared more about his reputation than other people 's lives. Of course Abigail planted the seed but these adults were the ones who helped it grow. Parris and Danforth were responsible for the witch trials because they had the opportunity to stop it but they chose not to.

Parris is a reverend which means that he has power in the community. He is also a selfish man who would want his reputation to be good in the community and be surrounded by his wealth. He also didn’t intentionally want Betty to be affected by witchcraft because he feared that people would not like him if that happened. However he put complete faith in Hale when Hale said it was witchcraft. He constantly
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He is worried that the Judges are going to see through his guise and punish him for it. So he tries his best not to let anyone change the Judges minds.

It also shows that Danforth is reluctant to read depositions. Depositions, during that time, were generally the only solid evidence to bring to a court. The fact that he is reluctant means that he doesn’t want the accused to be released because then it would hinder the court’s reputation.

Danforth was a judge who was in charge of justice in Salem. He was also a judge somewhere else and the people respected him there. However since there(in wherever he was from) the people thought he was a good judge because he rid them of their witches..However the people in Salem don’t like him because he is hanging too many innocent people and claiming them to be witches. He believes that he is guided by god and that the witch trials are between the witch and the victim and that the victim is god 's instrument. Since he thinks all of this, in a way, it also gets in the way of truly judging

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