Why Does Janice Love Mona Analysis

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1. The first major theme in the play Connections was murder. With this idea of murder there is a sense of not knowing who the killer is yet, so unsolved murder case. Another idea that came from what the characters say is that it is still a mystery to who killed Mona. The theme that comes from this is the love of a sister. Her sister is trying to figure out if her sister’s boyfriend at the time killed her because he was the only one with a motive and to see her last. The final theme that I discovered was envy that Janice had towards Trey. She knew that he was the last person to see her sister alive and maybe she had regret and was jealous that she did not get to see her sister one last time. These themes and ideas are three that I did not fully discover until I sat back and thought about it all completely.

2. Murder:
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Near the middle of the plot, Janice says that she could make Trey dead because she has thought about it plenty of times. This is apart of the rising action that shows how much Janice loves Mona.
2. The biological of the characterization that the two sisters share connects to the way Janice cares and loves her sister and the way she wants the person to get a punishment.
3. Janice is psychologically struggling with the fact her sister that she loved so much is dead, so she is doing whatever she can to answer all of her unknown questions.
4. At the end of the plot when Janice leaves a knife, I interpreted that she was going there to kill Trey, which shows how she would kill him if she truly felt the idea that he killed Mona.
5. Janice shows a lot of passion for this theme, because she is allowing for the struggle of losing her sister cause suffering and turmoil in her life. I feel as if she loved her sister and now that she is gone, she has lost a piece of herself. Envy of Trey:
1. There is a purpose that is related to Janice’s envy of Trey. It comes from her trying to figure out if he killed Mona since he was the last person to see her

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