Marriage In The Story Of An Hour By Kate Chopin

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Identity and selfhood are two major parts of one’s life. People do hard work, fight against society, nation, etc. to gain their own identity. The major point is, do women loose their identity and selfhood after marriage? Do they have to follow their husband? Where does women’s freedom go after their marriage? ‘The Story of an Hour’ is a short story about feeling of a woman freeing herself from her husband. This story was written by famous American author Kate Chopin. She has her two novels and hundreds of short stories published. She is the author from 1980s but her stories and novels are still illustrious. Kate represents the negative view of marriage through her story ‘The Story of an Hour. A woman who is extremely happy about her husband’s death justifies the negative view of marriage. The language used by Chopin to describe Louise’s emotions, the main character of the story, as she starts swinging between numbness and happiness at her newfound freedom supports the negative view of marriage. The vibrant and powerful words used by Chopin to describe Louise’s emotions suggests that Louise has a deep inner-life that is not connected to the outer world of her husband and his friends. Her inner-life is flashes out when she locks herself in her room and discovers her …show more content…
Mallard’s death. Though her husband was killed, she could see the symbols of new life from her open window. Spring itself is a sign of rebirth. The unconsciously crying of Louise seems like Louise’s body is separated from her. She even sobs, even though her mind is detaching from the thoughts of Mr. Mallard. The author uses the metaphor of a child falling asleep crying in order to make her vision clear. Comparing to Louise’s crying to baby’s crying, it emphasizes her innocence and

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