Chronicle Of A Death Foretold Magic Realism Analysis

The foreshadowing of Santiago Nasar 's death opens up the story. Chronicle of a Death Foretold had also illustrated the values of a typical Latin American society. The book uses the writing technique called magic realism in the story to emphasize the events occurring in the book. Márquez’s writing style affected the delivery of the story with the use of magic realism. This technique brought a new element to the story and that set him apart from other writers. This novel expresses Latin American values/culture and begins on the day of Santiago 's death.
The story begins on the day of Santiago Nasar 's death. This day was also the same day that the Pope was coming to their town to bless them. Everybody knew that Santiago was being targeted
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Márquez is known for his other novel One Hundred Years of Solitude and also in both these novels he uses magic realism. In both of his novels, there is a foreshadowing of the characters’ death. Márquez 's book One Hundred Years of Solitude marked the end of Western domination of the novel and the beginning of the literary movement towards magic realism. Márquez uses real people as a model for his fictional characters in his book. Some example of this are the narrator‘s mother, wife, sister, and brother or the immediate family in Chronicle of a Death Foretold. Márquez use of real-life people in his novel brings about a more realistic sense to the story or life to his characters. In the book, Chronicle of a Death Foretold sets in his native country, Colombia and it also shows some of his culture values such as honor and preserving virginity for marriage. Márquez was also part of the Boom or “The New Novel” in which realist narratives try to document reality and express the vision of a complex subjective reality. This is shown in his story with the creation of the town and its people/natives. These writers also put more demands on the readers in piecing the story together. This is evident during the book as the story goes from fantasy and reality in clarifying the reasons for his death. The elements of the new novel are the withdrawal of the narrator, interior monologues, a stream of consciousness, multiple viewpoints, chronological inversion, fantastic distortion and multifaceted symbolism. The eyewitness account before Santiago 's death such as his murderers ' activities and what the victim was doing would be considered the multiple viewpoints, fantastic distortion, interior monologues and the steam of consciousness. The withdrawal of the narrator would be when the characters tell their account of what happen that day. Santiago’s dreams would be the fantastic

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