Theme Of Magic In A Midsummer's Night Dream

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What does Shakespeare say about love? Is magic real or is it fake? True love will always run its course to reach a happy ending. Even with obstacles such as Oberon and Puck included chaos in a magical forest where dream v. reality kicks in. A Midsummer’s Night Dream by William Shakespeare tells a story of different themes meshed together for a great piece, but which ones are the important themes? In a Midsummer’s Night Dream, the nature of love and the distorts of magic introduces the differences between reality and what’s fantasy between different sides of the two themes.
What is love? How is love related to law and order? In A Midsummer’s Night Dream, love is the primary dominant theme of the play. As everyone knows, love can create happiness.
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Why does Shakespeare suggesting that magic exist? In the play, magic focused on supernatural elements with fairies, magical flowers, and the forest meaning a simpler, natural force. Shakespeare uses the embodiment of magic for supernatural power of love and creates a surreal world. “Magic is a metaphorical expression as the lovers fall into the power. Each person in the play has a personal experience with magic whether right or bad” (Barber 145). Bottom, for example, sees this as a magical experience for him. Even though Puck 's intentions were evil towards him, Bottom experienced love from the Fairy Queen, Titania. Barely noticing himself that Titania is there also "Proves evidence of the power of the pure innocent, itself as proof that Shakespeare tries to show" (Maconald 46). Even while Titania is declaring her love, he is still unaffected eventually giving in. Did the scene actually make the spell stronger? Or maybe nature? “Natural magic and fairy appearances continue to enrich the lines 137-60 making this part of the dream obtain the fair portion of the moonlight and dew" (Harbage 116). The magic is so high that Titania takes Bottom back to her room, with assistance from her fairies, makes him comfortable and falls asleep together. Of course, the magic had to vanish eventually, thanks to Oberon. So Bottom wakes up actually confused but happy about his dream. The four lovers on the other hand, not so …show more content…
Questions begin to speculate your mind as we think about this. Is there a difference between white magic or black magic? In the play, we do see a sense of white and black magic. For instance, Puck uses magic on Bottom and the four lovers because simply of the personality as a joker. With using magic for evil deeds, it made the four lovers situation worse. With Bottom turning into an ass, because of Bottom’s ego, he actually liked the effects of the magic because of Titania falling in love with him. But let us think about magic as a whole throughout the play. Do magical characters actually reflect or even cares about their actions? Is it amoral? To answer this let us think back to Titania and Oberon’s situation. Oberon actually uses magic on his wife to get an orphan boy to become his servant. When you think about it, it is a messed up situation. First off, she made a promised to the kid 's dying mother to watch over him. Why does Oberon want the boy in the first place? Is it his looks? Couldn 't he find someone older for the position? To humiliate your wife with putting a spell on her to fall in love with a creature just to get what he wants is, to me, is not caring about others but himself. He is a selfish person with bad intentions, but only towards his situation. With Puck, however, he was feeling sympathy for the four lovers involved and forces Puck to fixed his mistakes. So how

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